Zlodeji a svedkovia / Thieves and Witnesses

Four characters, all immigrants, struggle to integrate into their new environment in Vienna, making a huge effort and using all sorts of ploys. However, there is more to these “foreigners” than the label suggests: they are real and convincing and live their own lives, even if not every aspect of them can be revealed to us. The novel is split into two parts: Thieves and Witness testimonies, and the plot is conceived as confessions of the main characters – Marisia, Janut, Gregor, Borko, Petra and Nina – whose dreams and ideas crash against harsh reality. In their quest, these lonely individuals trying to improve their financial lot but mainly longing to belong somewhere, cannot avoid getting involved in theft and adultery, and end up growing apart from their partners. Some seek refuge in memories of their carefree childhood, while others would like to suppress their memories; others still are offered a chance to make up for their past mistakes only to discover that this is impossible and that you cannot step into the same river twice. Flashbacks alternate with the present and the dreamed-of future… The novel’s key motif is the attempt to adapt to a new and alien environment and the question of where our roots are and what decisions can lead us to happiness. 

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