29.04.2022 9:00
Duration to: 03.05.2022 23:00
Český Těšín

Slovak authors in "Central European boiling pot"


Cinema at the border, Cieszyn / Český Těšín


The film section of the renowned Film festival “Cinema at the border” (April 29 - May 3, 2022) will be for the fifth time accompanied by a literary line up. The central topic of a four-day polythematic discussion is the place and role of Czech, Polish and Slovak literature in our part of  Europe.  The "Central European boiling pot" opens many important, interesting, known and unknown topics connected with the Central European territory. The Slovak point of view will be represented by Pavol Rankov, Katarína Kucbelová, Martin M. Šimečka, Marta Šimečková and Tomáš Forró.

The Centre for information on Literature is in 2022 a partner of the project and supports Slovak authors.

more information: https://www.kinonagranicy.pl/cz/strana/literatura-na-granicy