SCUP Grant

About grant

SCUP - Slovenské centrum pre umelecký preklad (Slovak Center for Literary Translation) offers Stipends for Translators of Slovak Literature into Other Languages 



•    In order to support and promote Slovak literature abroad, LIC - in close cooperation with the Literary Fund -, provides grants for non-resident translators, literary theorists, linguists, university lecturers, and students of Slovak literature.

•    A grant is given to cover a translation or research residency (2 - 3 weeks) on the basis of a submitted request accompanied with a project proposal (for a research or translation).

•    The grant is not provided in cash, but in form of a funded stay which includes accommodation (in Bratislava) or room and board (in the Slovak Writers House Timrava in Horný Smokovec or in the House of I. Stodola in Piešťany). Grant residents are given pocket money only. In case of the stay in Bratislava, residents receive money to cover their meals as well).

•    Residencies in the Slovak Writers House Timrava in Horný Smokovec and in the House of I. Stodola in Piešťany are not available during the months of July, August and September.

•    To receive the grant support - apart from submitting a well-written project proposal - applicants also have to declare that during their stay in Slovakia they will not receive support from any other organization.

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