IKAR, a. s.

About institution

IKAR is the largest Slovak publishing house and book distributor in Slovakia. Over 30 years it has brought more than 6,700 titles to the market, of which more than 34 million copies were sold. The main IKAR brand focuses on publishing bestsellers by J. K. Rowling, Dan Brown, Jo Nesbø and the Slovak authors Jozef Karika and Táňa Keleová-Vasilková etc. The Príroda brand focuses on lifestyle, cookbooks and textbooks. The Odeon brand presents top-notch works of contemporary and classical authors of world literature. Stonožka focuses on children from 0 to 12 years of age. YOLi publishes books for young adults and Ajna offers publications on self-help and esotericism. In addition, two e-shops – www.bux.sk and www.luxusnaknizica.sk, which prepare limited luxury publications, belong to the IKAR Publishing House. During its existence IKAR has received many expert and reader awards.

Contact person: Michal Synak, Director of Marketing, 00421- 918 430 355, synak.michal@ikar.sk