About institution

The Centre for Information on Literature (LIC) is a public organisation aimed at providing material and organisational support for literature written in Slovakia, its authors and translators. 


The most important objectives of the Centre are:

■ promoting Slovak literature abroad by means of literary translation, events and international conferences and festivals of literature,

■ participating in international book fairs in Slovakia and abroad, with the main goal of promoting Slovak writing,

■ organising of literary symposia, conferences and cross-border cultural cooperation and the promotion of Slovak literature nationally and internationally,

■ cooperating with foreign publishers of Slovak literature, and financially supporting the publication of translated works of Slovak authors abroad,

■ awarding grants for literary residencies for foreign translators and promoters of Slovak literature abroad,

■ cooperating with cultural and writers organisations at home and abroad,

■ creating a database on literary processes in Slovakia,

■ systematic updating of the databases of the writers and works of Slovak literature,

■ editorial activity reflecting contemporary changes in writing, the history of Slovak literature, the history of Slovakia and the Slovaks, and dictionaries of Slovak writers, including those living abroad,

■ publishing of periodicals (Knižná revue, Books from Slovakia, Slniečko).