About institution

SLOVART started to publish books in Slovak in 1991 and over the years became one of the largest trade publisher in Slovakia. Since 1994 we have published books (mainly illustrated) in the Czech Republic too, through our subsidiary, Nakladatelství Slovart Prague.
We publish leading Slovak and international authors, books on Slovak and Czech art and architecture and modern non-fiction and fiction works for children. We have been selling coeditions and licences to our books internationally since the early 1990s, e.g. to Poland, Russia, Germany and France. We also import and distribute books in foreign languages, particularly English. Over the course of many years, a number of our titles have been honoured as “Slovakia's Most Beautiful Book” and “Book of the Year”. Our translators have been awarded the prestigious Ján Hollý Prize multiple times for literary translations, as well as the Matej Bel Prize for scientific and professional translations.

Contact person: Juraj Heger, Publisher