Ladislav Mňačko foto 1

Ladislav Mňačko

29. 1. 1919
Valašské Klobouky
—  24. 2. 1994
journalism, poetry, general fiction

Curriculum vitae

Born 29 January 1919 in Valašské Klobouky (Moravia). From childhood onwards he lived in Martin where he learnt to be a pharmacy shop assistant. In 1939 he attempted unsuccessfully to flee to the Soviet Union. One year later, when trying to cross the German-Dutch border illegally, he was caught and deported to
a concentration camp. In 1944 Mňačko escaped from forced labour in the Reich, returned to Moravia and participated in partisan actions against the Germans. Between 1945 and 1953 he was an editor of Rudé právo and Pravda. In the Sixties he pursued literary work. In 1967, in protest against the Czechoslovak government `s anti-Israel campaign, he emigrated and settled in Israel. During the Prague Spring of 1968 he returned home, but shortly after the Warsaw Pact forces invaded Czechoslovakia in August 1968 he left for Austria where he lived in exile. He came to Slovakia in 1990, was active as a publicist and prepared a number of his books previously published in German to appear in Slovak. Mňačko died 24 February 1994 in Bratislava.