Events and Presentations

Because of the current worldwide pandemic many international events have been cancelled and so has our presence at these book fairs. We will keep you updated if there is any change. 

The department of foreign affairs at LIC is responsible for the Slovak presence at international book fairs and other book-related events. 
Participation in shows and exhibitions is an important part of the state promotion in which culture holds a special place. In the last years, our presence at various international book fairs has been strengthened by additional accompanying events that help draw attention to the Slovak book culture. These events engage not only business partners and the public but also literary professionals who are thus directed toward Slovak literature and its increasing publication in various languages and countries. 
Through the participation at international book fairs The Literary Information Center aims to present Slovak literature, to inform about the work of our publishers, to popularize the best books by Slovak writers and scholars. This way, the foreign partners gain insight into what is being published and which books are eligible for co-production and export and which would be suitable for translation into foreign languages. When they receive relevant information together with offers for collaboration, foreign partners can decide to enter into co-productions, publishing projects and series prepared by Slovak publishers.