International Book Fairs

The Center for Information on Literature ensures on the authority of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic the presence of subjects from the Slovak book culture in the national exposition at selected important international book fairs and book exhibitions abroad, and thus functions as a window of the Slovak literature into the world.

The Center for Information on Literature  has two main roles when it comes to the preparation and realization of Slovak participation at international book fairs. The first one is agency work the goal of which is to ensure the highest possible number of Slovak authors published abroad. Secondly, LIC has to create an adequate setting and background for people from Slovak publishing houses and also for professionals visiting the fair from Slovakia. Editors, authors, translators, agents, printers and others use the area of the stand for editorial and business meetings with their foreign partners.

When it comes to the organzation of national stands at book fairs abroad, we primarily aim to facilitate live contact between Slovak and foreign publishers, authors, illustrators and cultural-events organizers, as well as to make Slovak book culture more visible not only for business partners but also for the wider public.

In the recent years, LIC has succesfully taken part in internatioanl book fairs such as in Bologna, Paris, Prague or Budapest.

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