Reviews and praise


Reviews and praise for Slovak books.


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Martina Šimkovičová, "Who Would Publish Slovak Literature in UK," Radio International Slovakia, August 2019

Julia Sherwood, "10 Slovak Writers We´d Love to Read in English," Literary Hub, March 2017

Peter Dlhopolec, "Slovak writers struggle to find path to Anglophone readers,"  The Slovak Spectator, July 2020


Peter Balko

Once in Lošonc

"Praise for the German Edition of Balko's Vtedy v Lošonci," Litcentrum, May 2020



In the Name of the Father 

Charles Sabatos, "The Slovak Kafka: On Balla’s “In the Name of the Father," Larb, August 2017

"Rosie Goldsmith reviews IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER by Balla," European Literature Network, May 2017

Michelle Johnson, "On Translation: World Literature Today’s 75 Notable Translations of 2017," World Literature Today, December 2017

Big Love

Sarah Hinlicky-Wilson, "Slovak Novels in English #29: Big Love,", August 2020

Andreea Scridon, "Review | Big Love by Balla & The Night Circus and Other Stories by Uršul’a Kovalyk," The London Magazine, October 2019

"Jennifer Sarha reviews BIG LOVE by Balla,"European Literature Network, October 2019

Joseph Schreiber, "Writing one’s self out of romance: Balla’s Big Love," Literary blog:, October 2019

Donald Rayfield, "Madness & Misanthropy," Literary Review, October 2019


Jana Beňová

Seeing People Off

Paige Webb, "When Every Neighbor’s a Firecracker: Seeing People Off by Jana Beňová,"Kenyon Review, 2017

"West Camel reviews SEEING PEOPLE OFF by Jana Beňová," European Literature Network, May 2017

Michael Schaub, "'Seeing People Off' Is A Short, Strange Trip," NPR, May 2017

Leah Rachel von Essen, "50 Must-Reads of Slavic Literature," Book Riot, October 2018

Away! Away!

"Fiona Graham reviews "AWAY! AWAY! by Jana Beňová," European Literature Network, October 2019


Jana Bodnárová


"Jana Bodnárová: Necklace/Choker," Trafica Europe, interview, September 2021

"Jana Bodnárová: Náhrdelník/Obojok (Necklace/Choker),", 2021 


Ivana Dobrakovová

"Goodbye. After 47 years in the EU family, a divided Britain leaves for an uncertain future. Here voices from the other 27 states bid farewell," The Guardian, February 2020


Helen Vassallo, "Review: Ivana Dobrakovová, Bellevue," Translating Women, January 2020

georgia DC, "Interview | Ivana Dobrakovová | Author of the Week," Book Blast Diary, November 2019

"Lucy Popescu reviews BELLEVUE by Ivana Dobrakova," European Literature Network, October 2019

Donald Rayfield, "Madness & Misanthropy," Literary Review, October 2019

Elie, "Ivana Dobrakovová – Bellevue," Two in a Teacup, September 2019

Seth Rogoff, "Bellevue by Ivana Dobrakovová translated by Julia & Peter Sherwood," The Rupture

Corine Tachtiris, "Bellevue by Ivana Dobrakovová," World Literature Today, June 2020

Sarah Hinlicky Wilson, "Slovak Novels in English,", June 2021


Mária Ferenčuhová

Tidal Events

Martina Šimkovičová, "Selection of Slovak Poet Published in Great Britain," Radio International Slovakia, November 2018

Anna Blasiak, "Tidal Events - Selected Poems by Mária Ferenčuhová," VerseVille, 2020


Róbert Gál

Seth Rogoff, "Róbert Gál’s Multi-Instrumental Compositions," Asymptote, March 2020


Pavol Országh Hviezdoslav

The Bloody Sonnets

Joseph Schreiber, "Honouring a singular Slovak voice: The Bloody Sonnets by Pavol Országh Hviezdoslav,", October 2018

Zuzana Slobodová, "Woe to the victors," TLS, June 2019

Radka Minarechová, "How to translate famous anti-war sonnets into English?," The Slovak Spectator, November 2018


Daniela Kapitáňová

Samko Tále´s Cementery Book

"Magdalena Mullek reviews Daniela Kapitáňová's Samko Tále's Cemetery Book," Asymptote

Leah Rachel von Essen, "50 Must-Reads of Slavic Literature," Book Riot, October 2018


Monika Kompaníková

The Boat Number Five

Fairuza Hanun, Georgina Fooks, Shawn Hoo, Suhasini Patni, "What’s New in Translation: November 2021," Asymptote, November 2021 


Uršuľa Kovalyk

The Equestrienne

Joshua Rees, "A powerful, coming of age parable," buzz, November 2021

Glen James Beown, "The Style of Uršuľa Kovalyk," Wales Arts Review, October 2021

Joseph Surtees, "BOOK REVIEW: The Equestrienne by Ursula Kovalyk," Storgy Magazine, January 2017

Sophie B, "The Equestrienne by Uršuľa Kovalyk (tr. Julia and Peter Sherwood)," Reading Women Wordlwide, September 2019

Leah Rachel von Essen, "50 Must-Reads of Slavic Literature," Book Riot, October 2018

The Night Circus and Other Stories

Andreea Scridon, "Review | Big Love by Balla & The Night Circus and Other Stories by Uršul’a Kovalyk," The London Magazine, October 2019

"THE NIGHT CIRCUS | REVIEW," Body, November 2019

Kate Gardner, "The echo of her steps is drowned out by the savage rhythm of walking people," Noise in a Book, July 2019

Paula Erizanu, "Female predators and average dead fathers: a daring Slovak short story collection contemplates contemporary womanhood," The Calvert Journal, December 2019

Julia Secklehner, "Book Review: Uršuľa Kovalyk “The Night Circus and Other Stories” (trans. Julia and Peter Sherwood, Parthian 2019) – ‘opening up whole new worlds in a nutshell’," CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPEAN LONDON REVIEW, November 2019


Peter Krištúfek

The House of the Deaf Man

"Small and Big History in The House of the Deaf Man,", June 2020


Juraj Kuniak

Anna Slatinská, "Home and Landscape in Juraj Kuniak´s Poetry: Seeking and forming personal identity in the author´s poems and poetic texts," EPIPHANY, Journal of Transdisciplinary studies, 2021


Pavol Rankov

Magdalena Mullek, "Q&A with Pavol Rankov," Literalab, March 2018 

"Pavol Rankov wins 14th Prix du livre européen," Literalab, December 2020

Michael Stein, "Epic Sweep Without Epic Length," Versopolis, October 2020

"Slovak author wrote the European book of the year 2020," The Slovak Spectator, December 2020


Ivan Štrpka 

"Poems by Ivan Štrpka," VerseVille, 2020  


Pavel Vilikovský

"Pavel Vilikovský, one of Slovakia's biggest writers, dies," The Slovak Spectator, February 2020

"Prominent Slovak writer Pavel Vilikovsky dies at 78," Kafkadesk, February 2020

"One of Slovakia’s Most Translated Writers Pavel Vilikovsky Dies at 78," News Now/ TASR, February 2020

"Pavel Vilikovský dies at 78," Literlab, February 2020

"Slovak writer Pavel Vilikovsky dies," Teller Report, February 2020

Fleeting Snow

Martina Šimkovičová, "Obituary of Pavel Vilikovský," Radio International Slovakia, February 2020 

"Fiona Graham reviews FLEETING SNOW by Pavel Vilikovský," European Literature Network, November 2018

Elie, "Pavel Vilikovsky – Fleeting Snow," Two in a Teacup, November 2018

Donald Rayfield, "Losing Lienka," Literary Review, September 2018

"Once in motion, an avalanche can’t be stopped: Fleeting Snow by Pavel Vilikovský,", May 2018


Into the Spotlight (anthology)

Corine Tachtiris, "Into the Spotlight: New Writing from Slovakia. Edited by Magdalena Mullek and Julia Sherwood. Translated by Magdalena Mullek, Julia and Peter Sherwood. Bloomington, IN: Three String Books, 2017. 185 pp.," Taylor and Francis Online, April 2019

Duncan Lien​, "Into the Spotlight: New Writing from Slovakia," World Literature Today, November 2017

Jessie Chaffee, "Magdalena Mullek & Julia Sherwood Shine a Spotlight on Slovak Fiction," WWB Daily, September 2017

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Michael Stein, "SLOVAK FICTION WEEK: INTO THE SPOTLIGHT," Body, March 2017

Rajendra Chitnis, "Into the Spotlight: New Writing from Slovakia," Slavic Revue, (p. 816-817)


Slovak Literature in Paris

Julia Sherwood, Marek Vadas, "‘Une Belle Inconnue’: Slovak Literature in Paris," Asymptote, April 2019

Jana Liptáková, "Books bring Bratislava to Paris," The Slovak Spectator, March 2019




Jana Juráňová

"Rencontre avec deux écrivaines slovaques," Université Bordeaux Montaigne, April 2019


Viliam Klimáček

Antoine Libraire, "Bratislava 68, été brûlant, de Viliam Klimáček," Bonnes feuilles et mauvaise herbe, October 2018

Caroline Sauvage, "Bratislava 68, été brûlant, Viliam Klimáček chez Agullo," La revue littéraire et artistique, November 2018

"Bratislava 68, été brûlant de Viliam Klimáček," Evades-moi, November 2018

"Viliam Klimáček – Bratislava 68, été brûlant,", March 2020

"Rencontre avec Viliam Klimaček," Le Passeur, April 2019

"Bratislava 68, été brûlant de Viliam Klimáček," Cecile´s blog, July 2019

"Bratislava 68, été brûlant" de Viliam Klimacek,", November 2019


Monika Kompaníková

Florence Noiville, "« Le Cinquième Bateau » : la banlieue de Bratislava vue par Monika Kompanikova," Le Monde, March 2019


Pavol Rankov

Alain Nicolas, "Roman. Il était trente fois à Levice," L´Humanité, March 2019

Marine Durand, "Le prix du livre européen 2020 pour le Slovaque Pavol Rankov", Livres Hebdo, December 2020

"Pavol Rankov reçoit le quatorzième prix du livre européen,"Le Figaro, December 2020

"Pavol Rankov devient le 14e lauréat du Prix du livre européen," Actualitté, December 2020

Zuzana Borovská, "Pavol Rankov titulaire du Prix du livre européen," RTVS, December 2020 


Arpád Soltész

Macha Séry, "Le Slovaque téméraire : Arpad Soltesz, journaliste et romancier," Le Monde, October 2019

"Polar, l’Est raconte…," Le Souffle Bleu, August 2019

"Le Bal des porcs d´Arpad Soltesz,", October 2020

"Bal maudit," Marianne, October 2020

Jean-Yves Potel, "L’assassinat d’un journaliste," En attendant Nadeau, December 2020



Ivan Štrpka

"Ivan Štrpka : « Un fragment de forêt »," Revue Décharge, September 2019


Pavel Vilikovský

Gladys Marivat, "La mort de Pavel Vilikovsky, écrivain slovaque," Le Monde, February 2020

Alexiane Guchereau, "L’écrivain Pavel Vilikovsky est mort," February 2020

"Décès de l'écrivain slovaque Pavel Vilikovsky," Le Figaro, February 2020

"Décès de l'écrivain slovaque Pavel Vilikovsky," La Croix, February 2020

"Décès de l'écrivain slovaque Pavel Vilikovsky," La Presse, February 2020

Zuzana Borovská, "Pavel Vilikovský un valeureux pionnier des lettres slovaques," Radio International Slovakia, March 2020

Zuzana Borovská, "Perte pour la littérature slovaque : Pavel Vilikovský décédé," Radio International Slovakia, February 2020

Mathieu Lindon, "Pavel Vilikovsky, sous le signe du pion," Libération, April 2019

Linda Lê, "Pavel Vilikovsky, le perturbateur du monde," En attendant Nadeau, April 2019

Gladys Marivat, "Pavel Vilikovsky en valeureux pionnier des lettres slovaques," Le Monde, March 2019

Sabine Audrerie,"« Un chien sur la route » de Pavel Vilikovsky," La Croix, March 2019

Muriel Steinmetz, "Pavel Vilikovsky n’a surtout rien oublié du passé," L´Humanité, March 2019


Svetlana Žuchová

Pauline Sperkova, "À la recherche de Marisia et de la jeunesse d’Europe centrale dans les métropoles de l’Ouest," Le Courrier d´Europe Centrale, June 2019


Slovak Literature in Paris

Linda Lê, "Tableaux d’une Slovaquie d’aujourd’hui," Mediapart, June 2019

"Salon du Livre 2019 : Alain Damasio en dédicace, programme de ce lundi, l´Internaute, March 2019

Edolie Falco, "Livre Paris, hommage à Kubrick, produits fermiers: les sorties du week-end à Paris," Le Figaro, March 2019

Alain Jean-Robert, "Le salon Livre Paris ouvre ses portes à l'Europe," France Soir, March 2019

"Le Salon du Livre ouvre ses portes a l´Europe," Le Courrier, March 2019

"Le salon Livre Paris ouvre ses portes à l’Europe," La Rep des Pyrenées, March 2019

Olivia Snaije, "Après London Book Fair: Livre Paris Opens Today," Publishing Perspectives, March 2019

Mohammed Aïssaoui, "3000 auteurs ont rendez-vous au salon, placé sous le signe de l'Europe," Le Figaro, March 2019

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, "Quarante-deux titres pour découvrir la littérature slovaque," Le Courrier, March 2019

Visite de Bratislava, invitée d'honneur de Livre Paris," Le Figaro, March 2019

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Peter Balko

Zusammen sind wir unbesiegbar / Once in Lošonc

Stephanie von Oppen, "Dicke Freunde halten zusammen," Lesart, Deutschlandradio, July 2020

Peter Jungwirth, "Auf Tom Sawyers Spuren: "Zusammen sind wir unbesiegbar" von Peter Balko," Wiener Zeitung, May 2020

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Jamal Tuschick, "Fünf Fragen an den Autor," Textland, February 2020

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"Lausbuben und Legenden," Vorarlberger Nachrichten, April 2020

Oe1 - ORF, Ex libris: Bücher, Menschen, Themen, March 2020


Michal Hvorecký

Tobias Schmidt, "Durch den utopischen Filter gedrückt," M und W Nachrichten, October 2021

Michael Wurmitzer, "Michal Hvoreckýs "Tahiti Utopia": Surfbretter, die Freiheit bedeuten", Der Standard, May 2021

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Jana Juráňová

Meine Sieben Lebem / My Seven Lives

Renata SakoHoess, "Sudetenland - Europäische Kulturzeitschrift," 59. Jahrgang, Heft 3, 2017


Peter Krištúfek

Das Haus des Tauben Mannes / The House of the Deaf Man

Sabrina, "Das Haus des tauben Mannes – Peter Krištúfek," Lesefreunde, May 2020

"Peter Krištúfek - Das Haus des tauben Mannes," SWR, April 2020

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"Die besten Bücher 2020: erste Favoriten und Empfehlungen [Buchtipps, Romane],"




Ivana Dobrakovová


Papp Sándor Zsigmond, "MAJD KIPIHENI MAGÁT, "October 2020


Jana Juráňová

Hét életem / My Seven Lives

"Agneša Kalinová–Jana Juráňová: Hét életem. Fordította Mészáros Tünde. Tények és tanúk sorozat. Magvető Könyvkiadó, Budapest," 2018, 535 oldal, 4999 Ft.


Anton Hykisch

Rozkoše dávnych čias / Régi idők örömei

Surján László, "Régi idők üzenete," Magyar Nemzet, December 2020


Iveta Merglová




Peter Milčák

Bracia krwi

Michał Pabian, "Mimochodem jest najpiękniejsze,", opinie, August 2020 


Jozef Karika

Ciemność / Darkness

Paweł Grzelczyk, "Wypad w góry – recenzja książki „Ciemność”," Ostatnia Tawerna, March 2020

Michał Misztal, "Ciemność [Jozef Karika] [recenzja]," Metody marnowania czasu, March 2020

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Aleksandra Grzybczak, "Nadzieja cię zabije, bo umiera ostania - „Ciemność” Jozefa Kariki [recenzja],"


Pavel Vilikovský

"Izabrane novele modernog klasika slovačke književnosti Pavela Vilikovskog u izdanju Arhipelaga,", January 2021

"PRVA I POSLEDNJA LJUBAV – izabrane novele Pavela Vilikovskog,", January 2021

"Arhipelag objavio najbolje novele čuvenog slovačkog pisca Pavela Vilikovskog," Media Start Info, January 2021

"Izabrane Novele Modernog Klasika Slovačke Književnosti – Pavela Vilikovskog U Izdanju Arhipelaga – Prva I Poslednja Ljubav,", January 2021


"Izabrane novele Pavela Vilikovskog: Prva i poslednja ljubav," MediaSfera, January 2021

"Izabrane novele Pavela Vilikovskog," Kaleidoskop, January 2021

"OD STRAHA DO STRASTI, OD LJUBAVI DO POLITIKE: "Prva i poslednja ljubav" najprevođenijeg modernog slovačkog pisca Pavela Vilikovskog," Novosti, January 2021

"Izabrane pripovetke modernog klasika slovačke književnosti Pavela Vilikovskog u izdanju Arhipelaga," Radio-televizija Vojvodine, January 2021

"Duhovito, pronicljivo i kritički izoštreno," Danas, January 2021


Etela Farkašová

Ivana Tanasijević, "Na margini savremenog sveta", Eckermann, 2021



Mária Ferenčuhová

Aljaž Krivec, "Poezija nezavedne reči preda zavednemu," LUC Literatura, November 2019

Andraž Gombač, "Verzi, ki celijo," Primorske novice, November 2019

Aljaž Koprivnikar, "Njen poetični izraz je »mehanizem samoobrambe, ki me varuje pred padcem v norost«, Interview with Mária Ferenčuhová," junak našega časa


Mila Haugová

"Slovak poet Mila Haugova wins this year's Vilenica Prize," STA, June 2020

"Nagrajenka 35. festivala Vilenica je slovaška pesnica Mila Haugova," RTV SLO, June 2020

Andraž Gombač, "Vileniška nagrajenka Mila Haugová: “Stoj za vsako zapisano besedo!”," Primorske novice, June 2020

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Peter Pišťanek

Ignacio G. Barbero, "El microcuento como oasis de reflexión," culturamas, June 2013



Monika Kompaníkova

Varka e pestë”, vjen në shqip, Monika Kompanikova, një zë i fortë i letërsisë sllovake," A2 CNN Affiliate, July 2021 

"NË RADIO" - Botohet "Varka e pestë" - Monika Kompanikova - Vasilika Tafa, botuese OMBRA GVG, Radio Tirana, July 2021

"Emisioni - Pasditja ime blu," A2 CNN Affiliate, July 2021



Juraj Kuniak

“СЛОВА ЦЯЧЭ ПА ГІСТОРЫІ…”: ПАЭЗІЯ ЮРАЯ КУНІЯКА Ў ПЕРАКЛАДЗЕ ВІКТОРЫІ ЛЯШУК (Slovo preteká dejinami. Poézia Juraja Kuniaka v preklade Viktórie Liashuk) / Uljana Veryna (v bieloruskom jazyku). – In : Rodnae slova 6, 2021, p. 26 – 30, Minsk. – ISSN 0234-1360



Tomáš Forró 

Viktor Bezdíček, "Tomáš Forró: Donbas. Reportáž z evropské války, která není občanská,", October 2020

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Daniel Majling

Tomáš Stejskal, "Od velkých příběhů k lokální frašce. Komiks Zóna žene čtenáře na operaci bránice,", September 2020