The SLOLIA Board Statute


Pursuant to the decree issued by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic on 11 June 1999, amending and supplementing the NLC’s Articles of Association, and to the SLC’s Rules of Procedure of 1 October 2010, the Director of the Slovak Literary Centre (hereinafter referred to as SLC) issues this Statute regarding the SLOLIA Board (hereinafter referred to as the Board):

1. The Board is the advisory body to the SLC Director on supporting foreign publishers to publish works by Slovak authors.

2. The Board consists of five members appointed from renowned Slovak writers, literary scholars, critics and translators by the SLC Director for a period of two years. Members may serve a total of two consecutive terms.

3. The following people will attend Board meetings on behalf of SLC: the SLC Director, the head of SLC’s Department of Foreign Projects or the secretary of the SLOLIA Board, who will submit funding applications, provide relevant information on the applicants, publishers, authors and SLC’s financial options, and a clerk, who will minute the Board’s discussion. They do not have voting rights.

4. The appointed Board members elect the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board. The Chair will lead Board meetings and will submit the minutes of the meeting to the SLC Director within one week of the meeting via the participating SLC employees. In the Chair’s absence, the Vice-Chair will preside over the Board meeting, and will assume all the Chair’s rights and responsibilities.

5. The Board will meet in the SLC premises, usually four times per year, and by no later than six weeks after the relevant deadline has expired (the deadlines for submitting funding applications are 31 January, 30 April, 31 July and 31 October). Each year the Board will decide on the applications by a simple majority vote. The Board’s decision is valid if at least three members vote on it. In the event of a tie, the Chair has the casting vote.

6. The Chair of the Board will submit proposals for grant awards to the SLC Director via the participating SLC employees. If the Director does not agree with the Board’s decision, they will explain their position at the next Board meeting, and a final decision will be taken only after that meeting. The Board’s decisions come into effect when the minutes of the relevant meeting are signed by the SLC Director.

7. If the translation of a work by a Board member is the subject of a decision, that member will abstain from voting.

8. Applications for financial support may be submitted by foreign publishers intending to publish a translation (a first or new translation) of a work by a Slovak author (prose, poetry, essays, plays, children’s books and, in exceptional and justified cases, literary scholarship or literary criticism) or an anthology of Slovak literature. The foreign publisher may, in justified cases, also apply for financial support to publish works of literary scholarship or literary criticism about a Slovak writer, or Slovak literature, written in a foreign language. The category “Slovak author” means a Slovak writer living in Slovakia whose books are published by a reputable Slovak publisher, or a Slovak writer permanently resident abroad. Publishers cannot request a grant to publish works in translation into Slovak or into the language of the country where the author lives.
Publishers of electronic or online publications may also apply for support, provided they do not publish ad hoc but produce a periodical publication. The publisher must include the SLC logo on the copyright page with the information that the translation was published with the support of the SLC SLOLIA Board, and must supply no more than five hard copies of the work.

The supplied hard copies may be used by the SLC for promotion, education and marketing.
Slovak publishers may apply for support if the work translated into the foreign language is co-published with a foreign publisher, or if distribution abroad is assured.
Publishers must submit grant applications on the prescribed form by the stated deadlines. Support may not be requested for a book that has already appeared or is in press at the time the application is submitted.
A copy of the contract between the publisher and the translator, and a copy of the contract between the publisher and the author on the settlement of copyright, must be included with the application.

9. Editors-in-chief of foreign literary journals may also apply for financial support for the publication of themed issues focusing on Slovak literature in translation (at least three Slovak authors must be represented).

10. Translators of Slovak literature who have already published in translation a work by a Slovak author may also request financial support. The Board may propose a translation grant to cover the translator’s fee in line with the fee rates in the target country.

11. When deciding on allocating grants, the Board will highlight high artistic quality and the significance of the work. The amount of a specific grant will be decided in line with the quality of the translation, the country of publication, the scope of the work, the importance of the publisher and distribution options.

When assessing the amount of grants to publishers, the quality control of works they have previously published with SLOLIA’s support will also play a role, as will the overall care given to distribution and promotion.

12. If the finances earmarked for this purpose have been exhausted for the relevant year, the Board will defer awarding grants until the following calendar year. The Board may not award a grant for a book that will already appear with its support in at least three translations into other languages in the relevant calendar year.

13. The grants are primarily intended to cover the translator’s and author’s fees. The Board will assess the amount of the grant requested on the basis of the anticipated translator’s and author’s fees, but may also take into account the scope, any difficulties in translating the work and the financial conditions in the given country.

The total amount of funding may not exceed 70 percent of the total costs of publishing the book.

SLC will inform the publisher that the supported work must be released within two years of the day on which information about the grant award was sent.

14. The Board will inform applicants about grant awards by no later than four weeks after the decision.
SLC will transfer the grants to the publisher’s bank account. On the publisher’s request, SLC may send the relevant amount directly to the author of the original or to the translator, if the publisher supplies SLC with five copies of the work supported and proof of financial settlement.

15. The Board may propose that the SLC Director awards a SLC premium for promoting and circulating Slovak literature abroad to the foreign publisher of a Slovak author’s book or of an anthology of prose, poetry or children’s literature that has been published in translation into another language.
No more than two premiums may be granted in one calendar year. The amount of a premium is EUR 1500.00.

16. Board members are remunerated for their work under valid legislation. The amount of remuneration is EUR 70.00 for one meeting.

17. The SLC Director will issue the SLOLIA Board Statute and approve any amendments or addenda thereto.


This statute will come into effect on 1 January 2022. 


Bratislava, 20 September 2022


Pavel Sibyla

Director, Slovak Literary Centre