Zu - Silvester Lavrík

A Slovak Noir

Zu is a novel on inter-human relations, inner experiences and the hidden worlds of sexuality.

After writing three books of fascinating stories, as well as dozens of plays and theatre scenes, many of which gained him awards both at home and abroad, Silvester Lavrík is now embarking upon his first novel. Here he also bets on his abilities to tell an interesting story, which like a mosaic of hidden connections, leads to a surprising denouement. His language is alive, modern and rich, his sense of montage humorous and his narration tempo fast. All this creates a real launching point for an enjoyable, full-blooded experience for the reader. Sexuality features as an important theme within the book. It has not faded out of the novel itself, but has only moved where it belongs: in the hidden layers of our lives. And yet it is this unrealized sexuality that becomes all determining. Like the English say, "Sex is fine, even if it's bad. It's worse when there is none at all."