Books from Slovakia

O inštitúcii

The Centre for Information on Literature (LIC) is a public organisation aimed at providing material and organisational support for literature written in Slovakia, its authors and translators. One of the most important objectives of the Centre is systematic creation and updating of an information database oriented to documentation of Slovak literature at home and abroad. In cooperation with Slovak publishers it organises expositions of the Slovak Republic in chosen international book fairs and prepares presentations of Slovakia, when guest of honour at these book fairs. LIC cooperates with foreign publishers and institutions, Slovak studies scholars and translators with respect to the publishing and presentation of works of Slovak authors and also with European institutions and international literary associations and organisations. LIC provides financial support for foreign publishers to publish works of Slovak writers through the SLOLIA commission and also provides grants for the study-stays of foreign translators for translating of works of Slovak authors; it also provides them with logistic and professional assistance. LIC organises literary presentations of Slovak authors and their works both nationally and internationally and takes part in literary festivals home and abroad, and co-organising them (Anasoft Litera, Capalest, Ars poetica, BRAK, LIKE etc.) and is also responsible for organising literary colloquia, seminars and round tables. LIC publishes periodical and non-periodical publications in the Slovak language, as well as in other languages, focused on promoting of Slovak authors and their works in Slovakia and abroad