14.06.2021 10:00
Duration to: 14.06.2021 22:00
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Book presentation - STROM / THE TREE at Bologna Children´s Book Fair 2021 Online

The Slovak Literary Centre joins a new initiative of Bologna Children´s Book Fair 2021 Online through a digital program organized directly by the exhibitors by presenting of short film of its book THE TREE by Alexandra Salmela

An illustrated book for school and pre-school children and -- thanks to its ethical and ecological message -- also for their parents. The allegory about human dead-end thinking and greediness introduces an adventurous as well as an eco-philosophical level. Martina Matlovičová, winner of the Golden Apple at the BIB 2009, illustrated the book. Mária Rojko was its graphic designer.

Combining humour and suspense, the author tells an allegorical tale showing how greed can ruin humanity and the world around us. In the middle of a barren wilderness, a terrible monster called Blöeglöek lives under the roots of the very last tree, which he guards with his life. In the wilderness, there is also a palace where the Princess lives. Although she has everything, she dreams one night about a miraculous tree and the most dazzling star in the universe. In her pursuit of the dream, she goes out into the wilderness where she meets various weird creatures. When the Princess meets Blöeglöek, two opposing worlds and viewpoints clash. There follows an irreconcilable struggle in which hope, the will to change and unexpected friendship are all born.

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