Audio readings

We are happy to inform you that we have launched a short reading series to offer you a glimpse of Slovak literature. 


Readings in English: 


Pavel Vilikovsky - The Thrill Is Gone


Balla - Is Dead


Alena Sabuchová - The Whisperers


Ivan Medeši - Eating


Silvester Lavrík - The Last Baroness


Vanga Rozenbergová - Three Deaths are Sailing


Readings in German: 


Marek Vadas - Der Heiler


Alena Sabuchová - Flusterinnen


Pavel Vilikovský - Flüchtiger Schnee


Víťo Staviarsky - Kale topanky


Katarína Kucbelová - Die Hochzeitshaube


Silvester Lavrík - Die letzte k&k Baronin