Katarína Kucbelová Wins Tatra banka Foundation Art Award 2023

On Thursday, 1 February 2024, the laureates of the 28th annual Tatra banka Foundation Art Award were announced during a gala evening at the Slovak National Gallery. Katarína Kucbelová was awarded the main prize in the category of Literature.

Slovak poet and prose writer Katarína Kucbelová has published five books of poetry, the novel Modrosleposť and the novella Čepiec (The Bonnet), which was nominated for the Central European Angelus Prize and won several awards, including the Tatra banka Foundation Art Award. In her fifth poetic work, K bielej (Towards the White), the author thoughtfully and carefully gropes existential questions of being and identity. In her thought-provoking and imaginatively powerful lyrics, she delivers a reflection of the anxiety of losing consciousness of the world as a place for a fulfilling life. The collection reflects on present topics – clero-fascist legislators in Slovakia, the war in Ukraine, the climate catastrophe, the murder of two innocent young people. The author has managed to morph the difficult topics into a powerful reading experience.