Lit_cast Slowakei with Hans-Christian Trepte

Are you interested in the life of Slovak books in German speaking countries? Would you like to meet the people who support them? Perhaps you have friends in Germany, Austria or Switzerland and you want them to find out more about contemporary Slovak literature. Listen to Lit_cast Slowakei, the first podcast about Slovak literature in German hosted by Michal Hvorecký

In the 9th edition of Lit_cast Slowakei Michal Hvorecký interviews Hans-Christian Trepte, a slavist, polonist and americanist who has worked at universities in Leipzig, Wroclav, Bonn and Dresden. He published numerous publications about Slavic literatures and cultures as well as about emigration, language modification and Slavic-German intercommunity. He received the state honour of the Polish republic for his work. 


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