Lit_cast Slowakei with Magdalena Baran-Szołtys

Listen to the newest edition of our German podcast. 

Are you interested in the life of Slovak books in German speaking countries? Would you like to meet the people who support them? Perhaps you have friends in Germany, Austria or Switzerland and you want them to find out more about contemporary Slovak literature. Listen to Lit_cast Slowakei, the first podcast about Slovak literature in German hosted by Michal Hvorecký

The 8th edition of Lit_cast Slowakei introduces new regions to the talks between Slovak and German-speaking literary cultures. The guest of this edition is Magdalena Baran-Szołtys who was born in Poland and who left for Austria with her family in 1991. She studied German philology and Slavic studies. She finished her postgraduate studies in 2018 with the thesis Austrian Galicia and Its Multicultural Heritage. She is currently a lecturer at the Research Center for the History of Transformations in Vienna, with research interests such as historic countries and various forms of inequality in Eastern European post-socialist literatures.

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