Lit_Cast Slowakei with Marie-Theres Cermann

Are you interested in the life of Slovak books in the German-speaking world? Would you like to meet the people who support them? Or do you, perhaps, have friends in Germany, Austria or Switzerland who might want to learn more about Slovak literature? If yes, Lit_cast Slowakei, the first German-language podcast about Slovak literature hosted by Michal Hvorecký is exactly what you were looking for. 

His third guest is the translator Marie-Theres Cermann who spent a year volunteering in Slovakia after she had graduated from high school. Later, she studied literature and translation with focus on Slovak, French and Portuguese. After longer stays in France and in Brazil she now lives and works in Leipzig. She has translated Balla's book In the Name of the Father (published by Wieser) and she is working on other translations. 

The podcast can be accessed via Spotify, ApplePodcast and GooglePlay.