Presentation of the Book The Escape in Leipzig

The Escape tells the story of a small boy and his dog and their journey - full of friendship and dismissal - across towns, countries and continents. The book has been published in English, Italian, Spanish and other languages all around the world. 
The newest translation of Marek Vadas' book is German. Marie-Theres Cermann is working on the translation, however, an actual publishing date and a publisher are yet to be confirmed. Cermann spoke about the translation in one of the episodes of Lit_cast Slowakei and in the video-diary on YouTube LIC. 
On Tuesday, September 22nd, the translator will introduce the book to German readers. The event is organized together with the Literary Information Center and Literaturhaus Leipzig and with the honorary consulate of the Slovak republic in Leipzig.

You can find more information about the event on Facebook and also on the website of Literaturhaus Leipzig