Jozef Karika

15. 11. 1978
crime & thriller, fantasy-science fiction, general fiction
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Curriculum vitae

KARIKA grew up in Ružomberok, studied history and philosophy at Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica. He worked as a historian-curator at the Liptov Museum in Ružomberok and as an editor of the Ružomberok regional television. He worked at the Municipal Office in Ružomberok as a spokesman and head of the tourism and marketing department. He is the author of the action thrillers In the Shadow of the Mafia (2010), In the Shadow of the Mafia II. Time of the Predators (2011) and Enemy of the State (2011) about the practices of criminal groups in Slovakia. The author, who was an investigative journalist, spares no suspense and action scenes. He has also worked as an editor in television. He is the recipient of the Literary Fund Prize for Journalism and several other journalistic and literary awards. His novel In the Shadow of the Mafia won the 2011 Golden Book of the Ikar publishing house. His books Zones of Shadow (2005), The Magic of Money (2007), A Course in Practical Magic for Beginners (2007) and The Gates of Meon (2009) have been published in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. His book of essays Liber 767 was published in the USA.