Pavol Országh Hviezdoslav foto 1

Pavol Országh Hviezdoslav

2. 2. 1849
Vyšný Kubín
—  8. 11. 1921
Dolný Kubín
Hviezdoslav, Jozef Zbranský
poetry, theatre & drama & film
Hviezdoslav formed himself as the type of creative artist consciously attempting to achieve a high level of universality in his work. Although the intrinsic character of his individual talent was, above all, lyrical, he also became an important epic poet and translator and, to give due to his relatively numerous occasional poems (often written as a result of a direct social commission), even a significant poet-commentator, very sensitively and often very precisely observing the ebb and flow of national life at the time of its awakening. What is striking about his work is not only its variety as to genre, theme and form, but also by its unusual richness of motif and thought, resulting from the uncommon breadth of Hviezdoslav's spiritual and educational horizons. Read more
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S Tatra zove more moja čežnja / From the Tatras to the Sea My Desire is Calling