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Peter Šulej

9. 8. 1967
Banská Bystrica
general fiction, other, poetry, ya and children's books
Poet, prose writer, publisher and editor-in-chief of the contemporary arts-and-culture magazine Vlna. Šulej is a member of the so-called text generation, a group of experimental Slovak poets. He is the co-author of contemporary dance performances (written together with his wife, the choreographer Petra Fornayová), as well as one of the authors of the projects Generátor X: Hmlovina (Generator X: Mist, 1999) and Generator X_2: Nové kódexy (Generator X_2: New Codes, 2013). His latest poetry collection is Nódy (Nodes, 2014). His novels Spolu (Together, 2015) and fytopaleontológia (phytopalentology, 2019) were both nominated for the Anasoft Litera Award. Read more
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Zajedno / Together

Martina Straková
Juraj Šebesta
Erik Ondrejička
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