Cultural Center Eleuzína Residency Results

Awarded residents in the first half of 2021:

1. Michal Hvorecký  11 January - 24 January 2021
Judith Hermann: Domov / Home, translation of the novel from German into Slovak

2. Eva Kenderessy 1 February - 14 February 2021
Translation of the novel Sklenená záhrada / Glass Garden by the Moldavian author Tatiana Tibuleac

3. Katarína Vargová 22 February - 7 March 2021
Working on the new novella Severné more / The North Sea

4. Marek Debnár 15 March - 28 March 2021
Completion of the scientific publication Literárna rozhľadňa / Literary Lookout

5. Tomáš Hučko 5 April - 18 April 2021
Translation of the novel In Dubious Battle by John Steinbeck

6. Saša Salmela 31 May - 13 June 2021
Work on the new book Prípad pre dvoch (sic) / A Case for Two (sic), a pseudo crime novel

7. Veronika Šramatyová 28 June - 11 July 2021
Work on the new poetry collection Balans / Balance

Application deadline for the next six residencies (second half of 2021):  11 APRIL 2021. Announcement of awarded residents:  15 APRIL 2021.

The authors will have their own room in a newly reconstructed townhouse, sharing a bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen, as well as a common area with a library and a piano and a garden overlooking Banská Štiavnica.  

The cultural center Eleuzína is on Horná Ružová street 1 near Námeste Sv. Trojice (St. Trinity Square) in the historical town center.

Its space, used for regular cultural events, has a community character. 

The organizers do not cover the resident's travel or any other costs in connection with the residency. 

Additional information about the cultural center:


1/ CV and contact information,

2/ a detailed description of the project that the author will work on over the course of the residency,

3/ selection of a date and an alternate date. 



(photograph: Freepik