Lit_cast Slovakia #27: Monika Kompaníková

In episode 27 of LIT_cast Slovakia the writer, artist, editor and DIY enthusiast Monika Kompaníková talks to Julia Sherwood about the universal appeal of her novel Boat Number Five, about the book’s screen adaptation and the importance of translations as well as about  discovering deep sea creatures with her son, writing lyrics for rock bands and  commissioning books that aim to improve access of Roma children to education and change the way people think.

Photo © Jana Liska Photography




Monika Kompaníková

Piata loď  (Boat Number Five), translated into 13 languages

Boat Number Five – Janet Livingstone’s English translation due out from Seagull Books in October 2021, sample in Words without Borders

Little Harbour – screen adaptation of Boat Number Five (trailer), directed by Iveta Grófová

Na sútoku (At the Confluence)

Hlbokomorské rozprávky (Deep Sea Tales)

Koniec sveta a čo je za ním (At the End of the World and Beyond)

Toddler Punk, book, video: „Kedy tam už budeme?“ (Are We Nearly There?“)

 Kvapky na kameni / Kapky na kameni (Water Droplets on Stones), inspired by Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Books from Vydavateľstvo N Press

Juraj Čokyna: A okraje máš kde? (What Happened to Your Margins?)

Teaching materials for Roma children