Monika Kompaníková foto 3
Foto©Peter Procházka

Monika Kompaníková

1. 9. 1979
Považská Bystrica
general fiction, other, ya and children's books

Kompaníková is one of the best known Slovak contemporary fiction writers. Her debut, the collection of short stories Miesto pre samotu (A Place for Loneliness, 2003), won the Ivan Krasko Prize. Her novella Biele miesta (Blank Spaces, 2006) was nominated for the Anasoft Litera Award. Her characters usually live on the fringes of society, often by choice. Her best-known novel Piata loď (Boat Number Five, 2010) won the Anasoft Litera Award 2011 and has been translated into a number of languages. An eponymous feature film was based on the book.

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