Vanda Rozenbergová on a residency in Krems, Lower Austria

Writer Vanda Rozenbergová will spend the month of March on a creative residency at the Literary House in Krems, Lower Austria. This is part of the regular Slovak-Austrian exchange program for authors, AIR – Artist in Residence, organised by Literaturhaus NÖ and the Slovak Literary Centre.

Vanda Rozenbergová's book Three Deaths are Sailing (Drei Tote treiben), translated from Slovak to German by Zorka Ciklaminy, was published by Drava Verlag in 2022.

The author will present her book Three Deaths are Sailing during her Austrian stay on Tuesday, 19 March at 6:30PM in the Slovak Institute in Vienna. The event, organized by the Slovak Institute in cooperation with the Slovak Literary Centre, will be moderated by Slovak writer Michal Hvorecký. 

It is the story of Karola, a thirty-something Roma woman, who tells of her difficult childhood experiences: adoption, the death of her half-brother, the alcoholism of her adoptive parents, and her love for a married man.

In addition to writing, Vanda Rozenbergová also illustrates her own books and organizes summer camps for children from disadvantaged families and orphanages. These experiences inspired her to create the character of Karola.

The novel Three Deaths are Sailing (Slovart, 2018) was shortlisted for the Anasoft Litera Award, as was Rozenbergová's book I Ate Lautreac (Slovart, 2021). Her most recent book is Century (Slovart, 2023), in which she brings the stories of many generations of inhabitants to a single house in the fictional village of Zdochliare.

Each year, 10-12 authors are invited to the Literary House in Krems for a month-long creative fellowship. Over 200 writers from more than 35 countries have participated in this program since 2000.

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