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Erik Jakub Groch

25. 4. 1957
editorial activities, ya and children's books, other, poetry, radio production, general fiction, comics & graphic novels

Complete list of works

Private Lessons in Sadness (Súkromné hodiny smútku, 1989), The Old Witch: Elegies (Baba Jaga: Žalospevy, 1991), Brother-sister (Bratsestra, 1992), It (To, 2000), L´acinéma (2001), The Second Naiveté (Druhá naivita, 2005), Em (Em, 2006), Infinity (Infinity, 2008), The Wave of Wings (42 haiku by 11 Slovak poets) (Mávnutie krídel (42 haiku od 11 slovenských básnikov, 2011) 

Selected poems (literary journal Tratti, 2011, Italian)

radio series of fairy tales for children:
Ding Dong (Cililink, 1987), Fairy Tale Puzzles or What Is What and What Is Not (Rozprávkolamy alebo čo je čo a čo nie je, 1988), Clara and the Little Stray (Tuláčik a Klára, 1989), The Piper (Píšťalkár, 2006), ABC, Aha et Al.: Stories for Indigo Children (Abé, Aha a spol. - rozprávky pre indigové deti, 2009),  

works translated:
Groch's poetry was translated into several languages and broadly published in the literary magazines in the U. S., Great Britain and in various anthologies. Clara and the Little Stray - Italian, 2006, The Piper - an extract, Italian and English, 2009, The Second Naivité - A Selection (Druhá naivita - výber, 2009, Slovenian - Druga naivnost)