Ivan Medeši

12. 1. 1982
Vrbas (Srbsko)
general fiction, poetry, fantasy-science fiction
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Curriculum vitae

The literary enfant terrible of the Ruthenians, one of the numerous national minorities in Serbia‘s Vojvodina, Medeši is associated by name to the Rusyns, by national myth to the Ukrainians and by language to the Eastern Slovaks. 

He grew up in the main home of the diaspora, in the village of Ruski Kerestur, where he still lives. He studied pedagogy at the Philosophical Faculty of the University in Novy Sad. He started publishing at the start of the century in the punk zine Keresturski pendrek. As co-author of the 2006 poetry collection Trilogija, he won the A. Duchnovič prize for Ruthenian literature. In 2007 his short-stories collection Chtoška od mňe dvoch ňenormalni waspublished. In 2011 followed his generational novel Špaciri po spodku dunca. A selection of his satirical poems, feuilletons and articles was published in Slovakia in 2010 under the title Kvaśna kňižka. The collection of longer short-stories Jedenie (Eating) came out in Slovak translation and won the Anasoft Litera Prize 2019.