The Foulbrood - Veronika Šikulová

The novella Medzerový plod (The Foulbrood) is basically a free flowing narration segmented into small episodes where people, stories, things and surroundings enter anecdotally. The narration has a double framing: two autumns, the deaths of the mother and the father. The major theme is the coming to terms with the gradual departure of a mother suffering from a terminal disease, and the effort to get the most out of the time which remains before she definitively leaves this world. As in Šikulová's other works, the epicentre of the story is her hometown of Modra settled amidst the Malé Karpaty hills. The operational space is the memory of the narrator, returning to her everything that gives the dreary daily life of women, daughters and mothers a meaning and a perspective.