The Tales of Považský Sokolec - Lukáš Luk

The Tales of Považský Sokolec introduce us to the imagined and realistic, crazy and rational world of an invented village lying in the River Váh valley. This is a brilliantly mixed cocktail of bizarre situations and lives, daft and dramatic characters, full of kindly humour.

The book is the kind of caricature that town people usually draw of people in rural areas, although in fact it is about themselves.
Seventeen amusing short tales capture the Slovak village of Považský; Sokolec during the beginnings of democracy. A bird of prey that heralds unfavourable events provides a frame for the collection. Here and there the stories are linked to each other; they have some characters in common: quirky villagers, blunderheads to a greater or lesser extent, who can find a way out of any situation.
By going into business they gradually become familiar with new possibilities and hitherto unknown achievements of civilization which often gives rise to absurd or even bizarre situations. Their comicality is for the most part based on the ludicrous behaviour of the characters (smuggling frozen vegetables under a sheepskin hat, breeding mouflons, removing and selling stones from the Castle Hill).
With gentle irony and his own particular brand of humour, Lukáš Luk caricatures a whole range of unflattering human characteristics and weaknesses so typical for a village or small town.