Mila Haugová Reading in Vienna

Poet Mila Haugová will be reading at the Dichterloh festival in Alte Schmiede in Vienna on 4 May 2021 at 7PM. She will read live but without an audience and her performance will be streamed. You can find the direct link to the event on this FB page:

Haugová will read from the book Zwischen zwei Lehren -- an Austrian publication of poetry selected from her collections Srna pozerajúca na Polárku and Archívy priestorov -- published by Edition Korrespondenzen

Dichterloh, "the festival of lyrics," carries the subtitle "Von Be- und Entgrenzung" and the works presented this year introduce the topic of presence / absence as well as the recurring motif of a farewell. Is it by chance that these themes come up at the festival amidst the pandemics? Although it was not the intention of the organizers, the themes strongly relate to the present corona-world.

Through their writing, ten poets from six countries and five languages show us what levels and shades of our existence, society and language a poem can capture and express. 


Michael Hammerschmid is responsible for the concept and the texts of the festival and he will also be hosting the readings. 


More information about the festival: