Pavol Rankov at Buch Wien
On Saturday, 11 November, 10:15 - 11:00 a.m., the writer Pavol Rankov will present his book The Holy Butcher of Šamorín, published in German translation as Der kleine Donaukrieg (danube books Verlag, 2022), at the Buch Wien book fair as part
of the Donau Lounge platform. Cornelius Hell will be the moderator of the event, and excerpts from the book will be read by Suse Lichtenberg. The discussion with the author will have an interpreter.
In his political dystopia, Pavol Rankov paints a vision of the chaotic conflict in the Slovak-Hungarian border region. The front line of the “little Danube war" divides neighbours, friends, relatives who suddenly have to take sides. Do they want to risk their lives or will they take part in the killing? In the form of a literary mosaic, Rankov's novel reads like a commentary on recent war events in Europe, ethnically or religiously motivated civil wars and their echoes on the internet.