Nicol Hochholczerová's debut in German translation in spring 2025
The book debut of the young author Nicol Hochholczerová, the novella This Room Is Impossible to Eat (KK Bagala, 2021), has become one of the most discussed events on the Slovak literary scene. The jury of the Anasoft Litera Award 2022 included it in the top five finalists and the author also received the Young Creator Award from the Tatra Banka Foundation.
The controversial theme of the unequal and often manipulative relationship between a twelve-year-old girl and her fifty-year-old art school teacher has already been adapted for theatre, and a film adaptation is in the pipeline.
Nicol Hochholczerová's poetic and harsh book has caught the attention of foreign publishers, followed by translations into Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Polish, Czech and Hungarian. In addition, translations into Macedonian, English and French are underway.
The German publishing house danube books, which also published a translation of Pavol Rankov's The Butcher of Šamorín in 2022 and is preparing other projects related to Slovak literature, will celebrate the tenth anniversary of its foundation in 2025.
On this occasion, it has included the successful This Room Is Impossible to Eat in its publishing plan. The book will be translated into German by Marie-Theres Cermann, who has already translated Balla's In the Name of the Father and Ivana Gibova's Barbora, Boch & Catharsis.