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Štefan Strážay

10. 11. 1940
From his first collection Strážay`s work has attracted attention with its lyrical individuality, based on the precise naming of things, their relationships and on the discreet, gentle and often only hinted - at response to his own human situation. His poetry is characterized by artistic balance and the stability of his precise, mostly disillusioned poetic world. He prefers an ontological access to reality, ture of Strážay`s poetry: "the uncovered poetic I", his personal human presence in a poem. This is why we can find sharp, but unusually tender details of human intimacy in Strážay`s verses, unseen at first sight, but very valuable, often caught in hints, but at the same time very precise, without unnecessary posturing, stylisation and pathos, only with a tender undertone of sadness. This makes Strážay`s poetry attractive to readers. This is why he remains in his poetry "concentrated on being and its beautiful misery". In his latest collections (Elegy, December, and Interior ) Strážay`s reflectiveness comes close to the genre of essay. From the sensuous-experiential verses of his first collections Strážay has matured to a pure level of expressive asceticism which he now uses to express the sense of unauthenticity of human existence. Read more