Peter Repka foto 1
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Peter Repka

14. 1. 1944
literary science, other, poetry

Repka is a member of the group of poets Osamelí bežci (Lonely Runners, together with Ivan Štrpka and Ivan Laučík). He is the author of the poetry collections Sliepka v katedrále (A Hen in the Cathedral, 1969), Že-lez-ni-ce (Rail-ways, 1992), Priateľka púšť (My Girlfriend, the Desert, 1996), Karneval v kláštore (A Carnival in the Monastery, 2002) and Relikvie anjelov (Relics of Angels, 2006). In 2012, Repka published the collection of autobiographical short stories Spätné zrkadlo(The Rearview Mirror).

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