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Jozef Urban

29. 11. 1964
—  28. 4. 1999
(pri Detve)
essay, ya and children's books, literary science, other, poetry, radio production
His first book was a collection of poems Furious Little Robinson in which he introduced himself as a poet perceptive to both negative and positive aspects of the world around him. His poems are full of humour, irony even to the point of self-irony and sarcasm. Formally they are alive with the rhythm and dynamic language of the modern young generation. Urban`s poetry caused, causes and will cause many literary and critical debates but it also captured the readers. His texts are rather ambivalent, as they combine classical poetry with pop-text simplicity, self-reflection (more precisely self-depiction) of the lyrical subject and denial of this image. It is the lyrical promotion of the protagonist gritting his teeth in a crowd, the vision and sculpture of foggy days in late November. Urban`s first book came out in 1985 when the censors, due to so-called Soviet perestroika, became less wary. His lyrical hero, unrestrained and free, flew above officially defined compulsory exercises. It is software for the modus vivendi of the late Eighties, standing out quite surprisingly from behind the Iron curtain.
Jozef Urban also wrote a radio play Knowing Our Own People. He became famous mainly for his lyrics. Read more