Prútené kreslá / Wicker Chairs

Wicker Chairs, first published in 1963, is a book in which the idea of mutual understanding between nations prevails. It is a complex and sophisticated statement reflecting the world of modern civilization, expressing the author's critical attitude to social and interpersonal relationships in a totalitarian regime and to the world where man becomes a mere slave serving in the bureaucratic machinery. 


The narrator, Bartolomej Slzička, a young man from Czechoslovakia, goes to Paris for his studies. He falls in love with Daniela, with whom he shares tender romantic moments, like sitting in wicker chairs of Parisian cafés. The simple premise allows the author to discuss the world affairs of the time (late 1930's) and, more urgently, the fate of Czechoslovakia after 1938.

Tatarka´s authentic acount of a simple young man captivated by the big world shows an unrivaled literary gift to capture reality in its immediate, miraculous state. Wicker Chairs are a charming call for understanding, for contact, for the ability to understand the alien, different world. Tatarka understands love as a human desire to live for others.


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