Ján Johanides foto 1
Foto©Peter Procházka

Ján Johanides

18. 8. 1934
Dolný Kubín
—  5. 6. 2008
essay, general fiction, literary science
Johanides was an author of innovative courage, an author with a clear vision, able to realize his ideas and an author who knew how to talk about pressing topics and problems. He protested against environmental pollution in his book Nepriznané vrany (Undeclared Crows, 1978) and he tackled consumerism in Balada o vkladnej knižke (The Ballad of the Checkbook, 1979). His refusal of violence and intolerance is presented in Slony v Mauthausene (Elephants in Mauthausen, 1985). His last books were admired by readers and critics in Slovakia and abroad. Read more