Pštrosí muž / Ostrich Man

The book Ostrich Man is a collection of stories about the taming of Kraken, love, anger, voices in the head, unpredictable toys and a Darkness which says nothing.

These stories are united by the theme of spatial solitude, especially of people who, according to Maslow’s and other pyramids of needs, should be at their most content. Instead however, they drift around depressed by the state of the world. Some stories border on sci-fi in their treatment of technological progress but it is only the sci-fi of the near future. In the stories we see these distinctive characters during breakpoints in their lives and watch as they try to find ways out of the existential crises they’re going through.
The book presents an absurd palette of possible escape routes via religion, professional success, madness, love and even radical change of personality. The invention and absurd depiction of events is deeply ironic with everything from contemporary art, the consumer society, loss of orientation and bare existence being treated in the same way. Dominated by the bizarre, the anxious and the fantastical, these stories are dynamic and fast moving.

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