The main goal of the grant system SLOLIA (Slovak Literature Abroad) is to support the publication of Slovak literature in translation. Foreign publishers may request financial support for the publication of translated books of Slovak authors. A grant approved by the SLOLIA Committee should completely or partially cover the costs of the translation expenses, the author’s fees and in certain cases also part of the printing costs.

SLOLIA supports the publication of selected works in foreign languages, e.i. individual poetry collections, poetry anthologies, novels, books for children and young adults, dramatic works and drama anthologies, essays and, exceptionally, theoretical literary writing. Applications for translations into any language are welcome, world languges and languages of smaller countries and peoples will all be considered equally. 

The SLOLIA Committee can award grants only for books that - at time of application - have not yet been published. It is not possible to get support for an already-published work. 



  • 31st January

  • 30th April

  • 31st July

  • 31st October