Guidelines and conditions

  • Who can apply
  • Foreign Publishers, who want to publish Slovak literature in translation.

  • How to apply
  • Fill the (signed and stamped) Application Form, send it together with a copy of agreement with author and translator to SLOLIA.

  • What financial assistance is available
  • A grant approved by the SLOLIA Commission should completely or partially cover the costs of translation expenses, author’s fees and, in reasonable cases, part of the printing costs also. The grant amount depends on the number of translated pages and on the level of difficulty of the text, and it is limited by the internal rules of SLOLIA.

  • Which genres could be supported
  • Selections of individual poets, poetry anthologies, novels, writings for children and young adults, selections of dramatic works and drama anthologies, essays and, exceptionally, theoretical works on literature, may be supported.

  • Deadlines
  • 31st January, 30th April, 31st July, 31st October.

  • When is the grant paid?
  • The SLOLIA grant is paid after 5 copies of the published book sent by the Publisher will arrive to the SLOLIA Office. The publisher is asked to include our logo and the following sentence on the copyright page of the book which received a grant from the Centre for Information on Literature: This book was published with a financial support from SLOLIA, Centre for Information on Literature in Bratislava.

  • Conditions and Procedure
  • Valid application forms will be considered by members of the SLOLIA Committee. The Committee will decide about the applications within 4 weeks after the deadline. The Publisher will be informed by regular mail or email.

  • Books awarded a grant must be published within two years. In case of a possible delay or other problems with publication of the book within this term, the publisher is asked to contact SLOLIA in written form.

  • The SLOLIA Committee may grant awards only for those books, which, at the time of the application, have not come out in book form.