Babka na rebríku / Grandma on a Ladder

A story for the youngest readers.

The humorous yet poetical stories of a cheeky adventurous grandma and her long-eared grandson are filled with the joyous atmosphere of the colorful everyday life in a village. The long ears are bothering the little boy but he and his grandma look for solutions to eliminate this disadvantage or to even make an advantage out of it - big ears can be useful when flying! The grandson, an ethusiastic soccer player, usually kicks the ball somewhere it is not supposed to land and so people pull his ears. Naturally, this does not help his predicament. What does help is growing up. His big ears finally match the rest of his body. The grandma is the soul of the whole family. She never forgets all the people who help her and who keep her company, be it grandchildren, starlings or hens. In these stories, Dušek connects a humourous view of life with children's imagination and with poetical fantasy fables. The book has been awarded with the diploma of the IBBY Honorary List in 1998. 



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YA and Children's Books

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Peter Kľúčik