LIT_CAST Slovakia


We are happy to inform you that we have just launched a new a series of regular podcast interviews about Slovak literature. The podcasts will be recorded on a weekly basis, alternating between German and English, and can be accessed via major online platforms, such as Spotify, ApplePodcast and GooglePlay. In the English version, LIT_CAST Slovakia, translator Julia Sherwood will be inviting translators, publishers, academics, writers and others to her virtual studio to talk to them about Slovak literature in English and related subjects. 

Episode 07 with Katarina Gephardt

In the seventh episode, literature scholar Katarina Gephardt talks to Julia Sherwood about intrepid women travellers who helped shape an ambivalent image of Central and Eastern Europe in 19th century Britain, about generational memory and productive nostalgia in the writing of Verona Šikulová and Maroš Krajňak and her plans for a Companion to Contemporary Slovak Literature.

Episode 06 with Jonathan Gresty

In the sixth episode, Jonathan Gresty talks to Julia Sherwood about his British DNA and going native in Slovakia, about translating two very different books – Anton Baláž’s Camp of Fallen Women and Jana Bodnárová’s Necklace/Choker and explains what is skopos theory, and what is wrong with English-language information for tourists and why some Slovak books would benefit from some serious editing.

Episode 05 with Janet Livingstone

In Lit_Cast Slovakia #5, world traveller and translator Janet Livingstone talks to Julia Sherwood about reinventing herself in Seattle after living in Bratislava for 16 years, picking up foreign languages, translating Slovak women writers, cultural differences between Europe and the US, and praises the politeness of the Slovak people.

Episode 04 with Charles Sabatos

In the fourth edition Charles Sabatos talks to Julia Sherwood about finding his Slovak roots, Slovak studies program at The University of Pittsburgh and more.


Episode 03 with Magdaléna Mullek

In the third edition Magdaléna Mullek talks to Julia Sherwood about her life in three countries and two languages. 

Episode 02 with Rajendra Chitnis

In the second edition Rajendra Chitnis tells Julia Sherwood about teaching Czech and Slovak at British universities, why Vladimír Mečiar was beneficial for Slovak literature and why Franz Kafka is a big problem for literatures of smaller European countries. They will also discuss whether readers need to know history in order to understand older Slovak literature and whether Milan Kundera would still be aknowledged world-wide had the books of Juraj Johanides been translated into English.

Episode 01 with Donald Rayfield

First guest is the translator and publisher Donald Rayfield